Month: March 2017

Saturday Excursion – Lauantairetki

Yesterday the weather was perfect and a friend was visiting Vaasa with a car – what a luxury! There are a lot of really nice nature places around Vaasa, but sometimes they are a bit tricky to reach without a car.

Vaasassa ja lähiseuduilla on niin paljon ihania luontokohteita, mutta autottomana (ja erityisesti kesäsesongin ulkopuolella) on välillä hankala päästä niihin. Eilen Onni kuitenkin tuli Vaasaan autolla, ja me pääsimme retkeilemään.


We visited Söderfjärden, an actual meteorite crater. An asteroid hit the Earth here some 520 million years ago.

Lähellä Vaasaa on Sjöderfjärden, meteoriittikraateri. Se on muutaman kilometrin kokoinen pyöreä tasanko, jonne osui asteroidi noin 520 miljoonaa vuotta sitten.


There you also have a model of the solar system in scale. That white ball on a pole in the background of the picture above is the Sun, and inside the magnifying glass kind of thing is Mercury. Neptune is located 2 km from there.

Siellä on myös malli aurinkokunnasta oikeassa mittakaavassa. Ylläolevassa kuvassa taka-alalla oleva valkoinen pallo tolpan päässä on aurinko. Suurennuslasin näköisessä jutussa oleva pikkupallero on Merkurius. Neptunus löytyy kahden kilsan päästä.


Jupiter was the size of a tennis ball : )

Jupiter, tennispallon kokoluokkaa.


Our excursion day was effective, we also visited Risö birdwatching tower.

Tehokkaaseen retkeilypäiväämme mahtui myös Risön lintutorni.


Satu came back from her exchange in Chile just a while ago. So nice that they can speak Spanish with David!

Satu palasi juuri vaihdosta Chilestä. Mahtavaa – Davidille espanjanpuhumisseuraa!


Such a nice day! ❤ Ihana päivä!

– Tia

Why would I change my comfort zone for Love?

Just after having spent almost the whole exchange together we both were conscious that distance could be a big test for our relationship. In fact, it was.

Tia went back home and her family prepared a big welcoming party because they are like sweet sugar cotton. Then she got a job in customer service for one of our “things”, selling ice cream. (During our time in Maribor, we ate huge amounts of ice cream from Ilich – one of the best cafeterias of Slovenia. We were so frequent customers, that we got some volume benefits on the ice cream portion.) Continuing with Tia’s arrival, so her family and friends were joyful with her coming back.

When I arrived in Tenerife my family and friends also were excited about me coming back. The difference was that I stayed there for a week and then I came back to Maribor, to do some extra exams. I spent a large number of hours in library, but also with Ryan and friends. Nevertheless, when I was at home the lack of Tia was so deep on the chest. You are able to actually feel gravity oppresing weight down to you. I tried to fulfill the emptiness with hard work in the library and having fun in the afternoon, but still. That last month there, thank god that Ryan was there, he helped me a lot.

Then 2016 academic year was ended.

September in Tenerife, It means sun, good weather, thousand of alternatives, but I was missing Tia like one who missed those summers when you were a kid. I felt like that was my permanent state of being. I wasn’t able to be in social enviroments, it was difficult to talk with people who I didn’t know and to be in meetings with more than 4 people. I was rushing the time so somehow I would be closer to reach Tia sooner. Each of all  my decisions were focused on being together: I changed to distance university, so I could continue studying; I organized all my money so I knew how long I could be there independently; we found a place to live; I bought the flight tickets.

Here I am, sometimes I feel overwhelmed for culture and for not having income.
But I am happy, because all my wishes right now are just material or vain.
I am happy because I am every day with a woman who does every action with love and kindness. I am happy because even though the problems and the battles we stand up together and solve it and reinforce our connection.
I am happy because I am doing what I want the most with the person I love the most.



Isn’t north a synonym for progression?

Surprisingly Finland is not one of the Scandinavian countries, although it has an easy geographical connection with the Nordic area of Europe. All of the countries in that zone are destinations that most of the people would like to go and experience by themselves how life is in this part of the world.

Now it has been over three months here already. I have realized that Finnish language is logical but full of exceptions and whatever you want to work with you need a permission for it. As Argentinian you can simply set a fire in a barbacue in the street and start to sell choripan with chimichurri any day you want; as Spanish you are conscious that nepotism is stronger than degrees. It is normal to see  an engineer working as cashier and the son of politician as chief in a good brand. But here, you are a democratic individual with a CV.

Finnish people and culture are careful and precise in everything they do, they make mistakes of course but it’s not a matter of luck because all the possible situations have been studied, it is more like scientific error.

Yesterday watching 1st episode of Young Pope, the main character said something that my mind related immediately with Finnish way of building relations: They don’t make friendly relationships because they know that those kinds carry misunderstanding and anxiety; they prefer a forever formal relation which will be there constantly.

It might be a prompt opinion that Finnish motifs of being so careful of their reputation are based on the fact that they hate shameful situations. Through Finland’s history it seems to be possible to find so few cases of corruption, it may be due to the fear of being pointed out publicly as cheater. And not only they are concerned about being in the spotlight of bad behavior, but in the spotlight in general. For example it would be easy to to find a person who is able to speak really good Spanish and consider their language skills poor. It is fun for me who grew up in two Latin countries where the population have so high self esteem and yet everyone would be able to see that the academic level isn’t as high as in Finland.

Low profiles and stay in average may be the hidden Finnish slogan


¿Es el Norte un sinónimo de progreso?

Es una sorpresa que Finlandia no pertenezca a los países escandinavos, aunque sería muy fácil conectarlo con el área nórdica de Europa. A La gran mayoría de personas les gustaría viajar y experimentar como es la vida en esta parte del mundo

Ahora mismo llevo tres meses meses acá. Me dí cuenta de que el lenguaje tiene su lógica pero lleno de excepciones y también de que en cualquier tipo de empleo necesitas algún determinado tipo de permiso. Como argentino podes prender un fuego en una parrilla en la calle y empezar a vender choripa con chimi cualquier día que se te cante; como español eres consciente de que el nepotismo es mas fuerte que los diplomas. Es normal ver a un ingeniero o un graduado trabajando como cajero, como también ver al hijo de aquel político como jefe de una marca reconocida. Pero aquí, sos/eres un individuo democrático con un CV.

La gente y cultura finlandesa es cuidadosa y precisa en todo lo que hacen, se equivocan por supuesto pero no es por suerte sino mas bien se podría considerar un error cientifico ya que todas las situaciones han sido estudiadas.

Ayer estaba mirando el primer episodio de la serie Young Pope (muy recomendable), el personaje principal dijo algo que mi mente relaciono de inmediato con el método de los finlandeses para construir relaciones: ellos no son amigables porque este tipo trae malentendidos y ansiedad; lo que prefieren es una relación formal que siempre este ahí, constantemente.

Podría llegar a ser una pronta impresión que el motivo de los finlandeses sean tan cuidadosos con su reputación se base en el hecho de que ellos odiarían situaciones vergonzosas. En la historia de Finlandia es difícil encontrar casos de corrupción, en gran parte es debido al miedo de ser acusado como estafador en público. No solo están preocupados por llamar la atención por mal comportamiento, pero llamar la atención en general. Sería muy fácil conocer una persona que es bastante buena hablando inglés y considerar sus habilidades como pobres. Es divertido para mi, que he crecido en dos países latinos donde la población tiene altos niveles de autoestima y aún así todos son capaces de ver que no somos tan bien formados como los fineses.

Perfiles bajos y mantenerse en el promedio es el eslogan escondido finés.

Postcards from Ljubljana

Travel throwback to a beautiful day last June, wandering around Ljubljana.


You shouldn’t miss Metelkova (above) if you visit Ljubljana. It’s an autonomous cultural center, and due to the autonomous aspect people have compared it to Christiania in Copenhagen. There you can find art spaces, concerts, bars and of course a lot of interesting details already in the buildings.


Rog is another alternative sort of place in Ljubi, with its art spaces and skateparks. It used to be a bike factory, then it was abandoned and squatted, and last summer it was supposed to be demolished. So I stumbled upon a situation when I walked there, with a lot of spectators and construction workers and police officers. Apparently at the moment the demolition is in halt, waiting for a legal process.



Dragon Bridge. Dragon is also part of the City of Ljubljana’s coat of arms.









Another surprising element of the day was this peacock in the center of the city!



There was a “little sister” of Flow Festival Helsinki (highly recommended) in Ljubljana a couple of years ago.


As you can see, Ljubljana is a beautiful place. And as I was mostly there for short periods of time, I would really like to go again with enough time to really get to know it.




This was my first time walking on the ice, it felt very enjoyable and relaxing but also a bit dangerous. You are conscious that there wouldn’t be people walking along if the ice wasn’t strong enough to stand you. Although, the sensation of walking above cold water and this fear that it might crack any time just makes it exciting. I mean, it’s just super relaxing and each step forward makes you lighter, but at the same time it’s scary. Lately, there are just few cases of people falling into an ice break, so this description could be a bit irrational. It’s just way the feeling developed while we were walking.

It has been a long and cold winter for me, when I arrived in Finland everything was pretty much new and different. You know, this easy feeling of just getting into bus or buying something in the store or even the structure of small talks. Everything was new and plus, it was christmas time so you’re fully occupied.

Then January, we came back to Vaasa after being in Helsinki for almost a month. We enrolled in Bachata, I started a Finnish course, we got gym-swimming passes, so life started to be a bit more normal. Life became unusually slow.

Then on February, well, adapted to the Monday-Sunday routine. One of those medical technical terms: Cultural shock, began to became true. It wasn’t like I realize “oh I am having this, of course, is cultural shock”. No, no. One of the strongest symptoms was just after having my 26th birthday, when I realized that I’m the hell old. Ye, ye, ok, I’m not old, ok. But it is not easy to not feel overwhelmed when you compare yourself with your parents’ life. I mean, when my father and mother were 26 they got a car  + a house + 2 beautiful children (my sisters, Mariela y Silvia). Yes, this is not cultural shock, but we are going there. Just a moment.

March, beautiful and bloody march. I used to hate March when I lived in Argentina, it was the beginning of the classes, the end of summer. In Tenerife, well it’s winter, but not. Most of my friends or family are publishing on face or insta “Calufote” (colloquial word for very hot), “Pa’ la playa” (to the beach). Which doesn’t really help with the development of my adaptation. Tia and Musta zokeri (me) went to Helsinki just for a couple of days. During those days my feeling of misunderstanding and losing control of myself started to grow so fast. Like, What’s all of this about? Do I miss my family? Do I miss speaking in Spanish? Where are the people when you are getting older? Where do you go and make a new friend? Why do I feel so much social pressure if nobody knows me? Should I say Tia that we should move to Tenerife? Where are we going? Who am I?




Esta es la primera vez que camino sobre el hielo, muy copado y relajante  pero también peligroso. Sos/eres consciente de que no estaría la gente caminando si el hielo no fuera lo suficientemente duro para sostenerlos.  La sensación de que en cualquier momento se raja el suelo y te caes es excitante. Me refiero a que es re relajante y cada paso que haces te sentís más liviano, pero simultáneamente aterrador. Últimamente han habido unos pocos casos de personas que se les rompe el hielo, por ello esta descripción puede ser basada en un sentimiento irracional. Es más bien como se desarrollo este sentimiento mientras caminábamos.

Este ha sido un frío y largo invierno, cuando llegué a Finlandia todo era nuevo y diferente. Sabes, esta movida de que todo lo que haces esta re bueno: subir a la wawa (bondi; bus), ir a comprar al super, o incluso las conversaciones triviales con gente random. Todo tenia otra color, otra forma y además estábamos en pleno periodo navideño, lo que significa estar todo el día corriendo.

Cuando cayó enero y volvimos a Vaasa después de haber estado en Helsinki casi un mes. Nos apuntamos en Bachata, empecé un curso de Finlandes, también conseguimos unos pases para el gym y la piscina, la vida comenzó a ser mas normal. Era como si todo fuera mas despacio.

En febrero, ya adaptado a la rutina de lunes a domingo. Uno de esos términos médicos: Shock Cultural , se convertía en realidad. No fue en plan “tengo algo, a claro, es un shock cultural”. No, no fue así.  Uno de los síntomas mas fuertes fue justo después de cumplir 26, cuando me dí cuenta de que me estaba poniendo viejo. Okey, no soy un viejo, 26, okey. Sin embargo no hay forma de evitar sentirte saturado cuando te comparas con tus viejos a tu edad. Cuando ellos tenían 26 se habían comprado un auto + una casa + 2 hermosas nenas (mis hermanas, Mariela y Silvia). Si, esta bien, esto no es un shock cultural, pero ahí vamos llegando, banca un second.

Marzo, hermoso y molesto. Cuando vivía en Argentina, recuerdo que odiaba marzo: finalizaba el verano y empezaban las clases. En Tenerife, bueno, es invierno, pero no. La familia y los amigos están constantemente publicando en face o instagram “Calufote” o “pa’ la playa”. Lo cual no ayuda para nada con mi adaptación. Tia y azucar negra (musta zokeri; yo) fuimos a Helsinki unos días la última semana. Durante nuestra estancia florecieron muy rapido sentimientos de incomprensión e incertidumbre. ¿de que se trata todo esto? ¿Extraño a mi familia? ¿Extraño hablar español? ¿a donde va la gente cuando se pone vieja? ¿Por que siento tanta presión social si nadie tiene ni idea quien soy? ¿Debería convencer a Tia de que nos mudemos a Tenerife? ¿A donde vamos? ¿Quién soy?

  • -David

Out of my comfort zone: A dance called bachata

When we had one of our first proper conversations, David told me that his favorite things were skating, reading and dancing. These three are all very nice. The dance that he specifically liked was called bachata, and I had no idea what that was.

I’d never been really interested in Latino dances. I knew salsa and that was about it. I have danced for some years, but always as a super chill hobby, and mostly in the early teenage life. And apart from the Finnish “prom”, vanhojen tanssit, I haven’t really ever danced any couple dances, only solo. The dance that I’ve liked most has been West African. So, if I think of all the possible dances for me, Latino ones would have been last on the list.

Then David linked me some videos. That was horrible. “WHAT IS THIS SEX DANCE???”, I thought to myself. Watching them, my face turned completely red, and it was just very uncomfortable.

“Gosh, get a room!”, I thought and knew that I would never ever dance bachata in my entire life.

Of course, that’s not what happened.

For a while David was teaching bachata in a dance school in Maribor, but I never had the nerve to go to the class. Eventually he started teaching me the basic steps, and it was pretty okay. The bachata music all sounds the same, and as a no surprise I didn’t like it very much. The closest thing to Latino music I ever listened was Major Lazer.

For me bachata has caused a huge amount of all kinds of feelings. Should I do something that I’m not so interested in just because my partner loves it? How do I feel about him dancing with other women? How do I feel about dancing with people I don’t know?

To begin with, it’s already pretty difficult as a Finn to let anyone come as close to you as in bachata you need to.

“It’s just dance.” Yes, but also no. Especially if it’s a sensual one, I think there is always something going on underneath the surface. (Remember the scene in Pulp Fiction when they talk about giving foot massages?)

And then again, our instructors at the class are related, so that means that it doesn’t really need to be sexual in any way.

Here again is a huge cultural difference, already between North and South European, but maybe even more between European and South American. A difference of what dancing and physical closeness in general means. If I exaggerate, a Finn’s personal space is something like one meter minimum, and an Argentinian doesn’t even know what a “personal space” is.

For me it’s felt like bachata is like a language that I can’t speak. The biggest problem in the beginning was this huge feeling of inferiority when I compared myself to Latino ladies. Often it seems like dancing and being super sensual just comes so naturally to the majority of them, and there I am like a block of ice, trying to move my hips and failing miserably. I get this feeling and paralyze completely. But luckily this isn’t a huge problem anymore.

If you think about dancing in general, it’s quite scary! You really have to put yourself out there. Especially if you are a beginner, you have to be prepared to look silly and fail a lot until you get the grasp of it.

A situation like that is quite difficult to control, and for me it’s sometimes challenging.

And for me dancing has always been something that manifested strength and freedom, not caring about rules or aesthetics but just having fun. We’ve been always having these mini dance parties with Bea, where we just listen to super good music and dance like crazy around the living room. And suddenly dance was about being feminine and sensual and following rules. I didn’t know how to be – and I’m still in the process.

David just told me that for him bachata is about self expression and doing whatever he wants. I feel like I can’t be improvising yet because I don’t know the basics well enough, so that’s why it still feels so restricted for me.

But then came autumn, I was stuck in Vaasa and suddenly I felt it: I sort of missed dancing bachata. Might have been part of missing David. Anyhow I signed up for a solo mix course at the local dance school. There we practiced salsa, bachata and kizomba, but as it was a solo class it’s not quite the real deal. Still it was super nice and I was enjoying a lot. It started to feel lighter, I started to take myself less seriously.

Now we are attending a beginner course together, and everything is becoming increasingly easier.

Recently one problem has been letting someone else lead me. I think that as a Finnish woman it’s just coded somewhere really deep that I am independent and I will do my own decisions. So, being just there, led by someone else, letting someone else make all the decisions, doesn’t come very naturally to me. But I’m learning.

The road has been long and there are still tons of things yet for me to learn. At this point I am proud of myself and happy that I haven’t let my prejudices and fears stop me from trying.

What Bachata has really taught me is:

  • Let go. It isn’t so serious.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Going out of the comfort zone might be painful but usually has good results.

– Tia

P.S. All my friends still call bachata seksitanssi, sex dance.


“Go outside your comfort zone” “Or don’t if it makes you feel anxious” As seen in Kuntsi art museum’s wall.

Fuera de mi zona de confort: Bailar bachata

Cuando tuvimos una de nuestras primeras conversaciones, David me contó que sus cosas favoritas eran patinar , leer y bailar. Tres cosas son muy lindas. El baile al que él se refería específicamente era bachata, y no tenía ni idea de que se trataba.

Nunca estuve realmente interesada en bailes latinos. Sabía de salsa y ya esta. He bailado por algunos años, pero siempre me lo tome con tranquilidad, y mas que nada cuando era adolescente. Y aparte del baile de fin de curso, no había bailado ningún otro baile de pareja, solo sola. El baile que mas me ha gustado es afro-dance. Entonces, si pienso en todos los bailes posibles para mi, baile latino sería la última opción de la lista.

David me paso algunos videos. Eran horribles ¿Qué es esto, baile sexual? pensé para mi misma. Mirándolos me puse totalmente colorada, me sentía incomoda.

“Vayan a un hotel”, Lo que pensaba y sabía que nunca podría bailar bachata en toda mi vida.

Por supuesto, eso no fue lo que paso.

Por un tiempo David estuvo enseñando bachata en una escuela de baile en Maribor, pero nunca fui capaz  de ir a las clases. Finalmente él me empezó a enseñar los pasos básicos, bastante bien hasta ahí. La música de bachata suena casi toda igual, y no es una sorpresa de que no me gustará mucho. Lo más cercano a música latina que alguna vez escuche fue Major Lazer.

Bachata ha causado un montón de distintos tipos de sentimientos ¿Debería hacer algo que no estoy interesada solo porque a mi pareja le encanta? ¿Cómo me sentiría si él bailara con otra mujer? ¿ Cómo me voy a sentir al bailar con gente que no conozco?

Para empezar, es difícil para un Finlandes dejar que alguien se acerque lo que bachata requiere.

“Solo es un baile” Si, pero no. Especialmente si es uno sensual, siempre creo que hay algo mas alla de lo visible.  (¿Saben de esa escena en Pulp Fiction relacionada con los masajes de pies?)

Pero por ejemplo, nuestros profes son hermano y hermana. Con esto me refiero a que el baile en si, no es necesariamente sexual.

Para mi se siente como si bachata fuera un lenguaje el cual no puedo hablar. El problema mas grande al principio era que me sentía inferior, me comparaba con las mujeres latinas. Es como si fuera  natural para ellas el bailar sensual, por eso, me  comparo y me siento como un kilo de madera tratando de mover mis caderas, fallando miserablemente. Viene ese sentimiento y me paraliza completamente. Por suerte ya no es un gran problema.

Si piensas en baile en general, esto te da un poco de miedito. Tienes que realmente ponerte las pilas en esto. Especialmente al principio, tienes que estar preparado para hacer el bobo y equivocarte mucho para conseguir la base.

Situaciones como esa son difíciles de controlar, y para mi es desafiante.

Llego el otoño, estaba estancada en Vaasa y de repente lo sentí: Era como si extrañara bailar bachata. Capaz era parte de extrañar a David. De alguna forma me apunte en baile latino sin pareja en la escuela local de baile. Practicábamos salsa, bachata y kizomba, pero era como si la clase no fuera gran cosa. Todavía era super divertido y disfrutaba mucho. Empezaba a sentirme mas liviana y considerarlo menos serio.

Ahora estamos yendo a una clase de principiantes y poco a poco todo va mejorando , hasta llegar a ser incluso fácil.

El último problema ha sido dejar que alguien mas me guíe. Creo que como una mujer finlandesa esta en nuestro código que bien profundamente somos independientes y haré todo con mis propias decisiones. Por ello, ser guiada por alguien mas, dejar que otra persona tome las decisiones  no viene de forma natural. Pero de todas formas estoy aprendiendo.

El camino ha sido largo y todavía hay un montón de cosas que aprender. En este punto me siento orgullosa y feliz de que no deje que los prejuicios y los miedo me pararan.

Lo que bachata realmente me enseño:

  • Déjate llevar. No es tan serio
  • No te compares con otros
  • Salir de tu zona de confort podría ser doloroso pero lleva a buenos resultados.

– Tia

PD: Mis amigas todavía le llaman baile sexual.

Las notas de la imagen dicen

“sal fuera  de tu zona de confort” “o no lo hagas si te hace sentir ansiedad”
Lo vimos en el muro del museo Kuntsi

Little Noise

While we were in Slovenia, we spent a lot of time with two friends. They are Mojca and Nejc. It was interesting to be with Slovenian citizens. Mostly, if you go to Eramus you end up hanging out with other ones like you, I mean international students. Although it was super important to me to get mixed up in the society.

So I opened the door that has always been there: SKATE. I contacted with Maribor SK8 facebook page and they sent me to Iztok (splendid genious) and he sent me to Nejc. We started to hang out normally, almost everyday it was about cruising the city and going to nice spots.


Maribor Island

For our first meeting we went to GT 22, a cultural space with a photography & camera museum, free areas and a mini half-pipe. We had a session of like 2 hours accompanied with another Slovenian, who eventually would become a good friend too, Gal (Galeano for me, he remind me of this excellent Uruguayian writer, it might be one of the only good things they have,  of course Mujica too). As my latin blood drove me, I wanted to be closer, like friends from the beggining. But Slovenians and Finnish are pretty similar in the way of building relationships (post about it soon), both go very slow.


After sessions, the key place to talk and drink Laško beer was Postna street. Specifically Huda Kava, first bar if you come from the church, last if you come from main square, Glavni trg on Koroška street. In one of the first cases, table was already occupied by some people. It is hard to force my memory to make a good picture of it but Mojca was there, that’s a fact. She told me about Iceland and a bit of her life, she is the exception of stereotypes of Slovenes. Moj always is an active volcano of emotions.


With Nejc (or Ryan, like we call each other) everything was smooth. We skated and then hung out. Pretty simple. Sometimes we were with a big group, another times the just two of us. It was those times alone when we realized that we share many point of views and principles.  There were some situations that it was even “sketchy” that we were the same mind.

During the second semester and after prolonging my period, we became even more close. I remember all those moments hanging out on the balcony in the Prežihova flat. One day, we went to eat to his home. I’ll be always grateful about having the opportunity to be in a lunch like that: huge amounts of food; harmony on conversation; and the most importantly family company (Ryan’s parent and sister Tjasa).

All of this and more wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had the energy and the mind set to leave my comfort zone. It was already a big step out to go to Eramus, but still…

Is it enough to be somewhere else and not  nourish yourself  by the culture and people?

It definitely feels so nice that constellations, luck and Nordic Faro has been there to guide this ship to joyful places.

– David

PS: The title comes from Tia learning how to clap with one hand, and making a big situation about it on Huda Kava. There was one table with Ryan and people, and then Tia approached and showed him her new skill – Can you hear it? It’s a little noise!

Little Noise – Hace ruidito

Mientras estábamos en Eslovenia, pasamos un montón de tiempo con dos amigos Nejc y Mojca. Era interesante estar con ciudadanos eslovenos.  Cuando te vas de Erasmus terminas saliendo mayormente con lo de tu mismo circulo, otros Erasmus. Sin embargo, para mi era muy importante mezclarme con la sociedad.

Entonces abrí la puerta que siempre estuvo ahí: SKATE. Contacté con la pagina de facebook de Maribor SK8, y ellos me mandaron con Iztok ( un groso ) y el me mandó con Nejc. Empezamos a salir a menudo, casi todos los días salíamos a patinar por la ciudad.

La primera vez que quedamos fuimos a GT 22, que es un espacio cultural con un museo de cámaras y fotografías, zonas libres y un half. La sesión fue de como dos horas y estábamos acompañados por otro esloveno, quien finalmente se convertirá en un buen amigo, Gal (Galeano le llamaba, me hacía acordar a este excelente escritor yuruga, de lo poco para resaltar de ahí, Mujica también, por supuesto). Como buen latino, yo quería ser amigo enseguida. Pero los eslovenos y los finlandeses son muy similares en su forma de hacer amigos, ambos bien despacio (habrá un post relacionado a esto en breve).

Después de las sesiones, nos íbamos a charlar y tomar cerveza Laško en la calle Postna. Caíamos en el bar Huda Kaba, el primero que vez si venís desde la iglesia, el último si vienes de la plaza Koroška. En uno de las primeras veces, la mesa estaba ya ocupada por gente. Aunque trato muy intensamente de acordarme de todos los que estaban solo puedo tener la imagen clara de que Mojca estaba ahí, eso es un hecho. Ella me contó cosas sobre su vida y también sobre Islandia, ella es la excepción del estereotipo esloveno. Moj es un volcán de emociones.

Con Nejc, o Ryan como nos apodamos el uno al otro,  todo era suave. Patinábamos y después charlábamos. Bastante simple. Algunas veces con grandes grupos, otras veces solo los dos. Fueron esos momentos cuando nos dimos cuenta de que compartíamos puntos de vista y principios. Había situaciones en las cuales era incluso turbio que pensáramos igual.

Durante el segundo semestre y después de prolongar mi periodo, llegamos a ser incluso más cercanos. Todas esos momentos pasando el rato en el balcón del piso Prežihova. Un día fuimos a su hogar. Siempre voy a estar agradecido por tener la oportunidad de estar en un almuerzo como ese: montón de comida; armonía en la conversación; y lo mas importante compañía familiar (los viejos de Nejc y la hermana Tjasa).

Nada de esto podría haber pasado si no hubiera tenido la energía y la mentalidad para salir de mi zona de confort. Ya era un gran paso afuera el ir de Eramus, pero todavía…

¿Es suficiente estar fuera y no nutrirse de la cultura y la gente del lugar?

Se siente tan bien que las constelaciones, la suerte y Nordic Faro estén ahí para guiar este barco a lugares alegres.

– David

PD: El titulo proviene de una vez que Tia había aprendido a aplaudir con una sola mano, y estaba llamando la atención por ello en Huda Kava. En una de las mesas estaba Nejc y otros, ella se acerco mostrando la nueva habilidad, y le pregunto – ¿Puedes oírlo? hace ruidito!