Last days in Vaasa – Chau first chapter


Last days here, naked walls, empty cupboard and fridge, and a lot of space start to develop nostalgia even when we haven’t left. I miss it and we haven’t left.

This is always gonna be our first house, just Tia and me. Somehow it has a strong and gigantic emotional value. It has been a really good battle for our relationship to live during winter in such small summer city.  We really have worked out our muscle of communication and resistant of patience.

I mean that because our studio is/was like 30 m2: bathroom and one room: kitchen, living room, bedroom. More than once one of us has felt suffocated by the smell of cooking food. Or saturated by the fact that you can’t leave the room after a discussion. But still, this didn’t make any wound that didn’t heal and all of the scar has made us stronger and compatible, and over all of this, the ministrawberry on the strawberry on the cake is that we have now high levels of understanding and tolerance.

There are people I would like dedicate this post and give special thanks for helping us:

Special thanks to Aino who has shared her furniture and kitchen tools so we could have human conditions to live in.

Jari and Eeva for all the support and advice and positive energy.

To my sister Carla who came here to see us and push me forward when I was feeling a bit defeated.

To Bea and Juhana came and helped Tia a lot with packing and moving most of the stuff to Helsinki.

The first chapter of Noric Faro

—> Second: Helsinki and Slovenia-Vienna Trip

– David


One comment

  1. Dear David, So good to read your experiences and that you and Tia have gone through the long weeks and months together in Vaasa. Thank you also for your kind words. We want to support you and Tia as well as Bea and Juhana always. ❤


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